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My Flex Health


Delivering professional health service solutions to facilities in Western Australia, quality home care throughout the Perth metropolitan area, whilst training existing health professionals and educating a new generation of health support staff.

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Flex Health & Medical Supplies


We offers high-quality continence products for anyone from babies to adults, medical supplies, tools and equipment to support optimal care for patients.

Flex Friends

Our adult continence product come in variety of sizes and designs with a high absorbency level to ensure heightened confidence and wellbeing. Our innovative technology and super absorbent “poly-bead” system transforms liquid to gel, leaving users dry and comfortable.

Flex Health & Medical Supplies is also a provider for the assessment and suppliers to “Continence Aid Payment Scheme” (CAPS).

Flex Baby

Our “Flex Babies” baby diapers come in a range of various size and quality. Packed in a unique configuration to make the products affordable to all.