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Delivering professional health service solutions to facilities in Western Australia, quality home care throughout the Perth metropolitan area, whilst training existing health professionals and educating a new generation of health support staff.

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Respite Care in Perth

Respite care is an incredibly important aspect of caring for those in need and supporting those who are currently caring for them. Respite care, or more commonly referred to as short-term care, affords carers opportunities to carry out every day activities or go on holidays while ensuring the needs of their patients are attended to. At My Flex Health International, we not only care about the health of the many patients across Western Australia, but also the health and well-being of those caring for them.

Respite care can take a range of forms, from just a few hours of care all the way through to extended holidays. The importance of taking a break from constant care cannot be stressed enough and places a major emphasis on the need for respite care. Carers can be assured that by attaining respite care from My Flex Health International, they are going with the very best carers Perth has to offer and can rest easy knowing their loved ones or patients are in the very best of care. My Flex Health International are proud to provide quality respite care services in Perth to ensure the wellbeing of carers across Western Australia.

Respite care can take place in-home or in the form of short stays at various care homes across Perth, Western Australia. Respite care offers both patients and carers an opportunity to expand their social circle and get some deserved rest and support. My Flex Health Services also provides solutions for carers who are looking to be re-integrated into the workforce.

If you are in need of respite care in Perth, please get in contact with My Flex Health International to discuss the options you have available to you. At times, caring can be all-consuming and stressful, and despite how rewarding it is, sometimes you need a break. If you feel as though you need some time to yourself, whether it be a few hours or an extended holiday, please contact My Flex Health International.