Getting Started

My Flex Disability provides the services to help you live the life you want in alignment with your own goals and objectives.

Whether you require full care, assisted care, supervision or skills training we provide the qualified and experienced staff to meet your needs.  Having the same workers attending you each day or as required is our priority.

We will work closely with you to create a Service Agreement that outlines how we will work together to provide the supports you need.

Then we put together your service booking, discuss the type of support worker for the times you prefer and create your schedules.  We liaise with your Local Area Coordinator if you have one, and complete the relevant Government requirements for you to commence your services under My Flex Disability.

Simplifying the process and helping you to understand your options is our primary focus.

How to get started…5 easy steps!

  1. Simply phone our office in Perth on 9427 7500 and ask for the Disability Coordinator or the Disability Services Manager
  2. The Disability Coordinator will collect your contact details and the type of services you require
  3. Our Disability Case Coordinator will then call you/your support person to arrange a time to discuss your needs and your NDIS arrangements if applicable in person at your home.
  4. Finally, our Disability Case Coordinator will coordinate your Admission, Service Agreement and Services in consultation with you/your support person and provide feedback to your Local Area Coordinator or support person.
  5. Once you start with My Flex Disability you will be provided with information to assist you with contacting My Flex Health and other important contacts.
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