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Working with people with a disability and their support network is a crucial part of what we do at My Flex Disability. We are committed to delivering quality support services to people living with a disability, their families and carers.

Our aim is for our clients to achieve their goals and strengthen their capacity to live confidently in the community. Our team of highly experienced, positive and passionate support staff plus our qualified Registered Nurses work together to create a holistic support plan that encourages independence and social inclusion.

It is vital our clients feel happy and comfortable with the way their supports are being met.  We work with our clients to keep it simple; when they have explored their options and confirmed their services we can put things in place within 48 hours.

Daily living activities may be a real challenge to anyone living with a disability, whether short term or long term.  Our focus is to assist with and/or supervise you to undertake these tasks,  for you to feel satisfied the care has been attended the way you prefer and to enable you to live as independently as possible.

All Multi-skilled Support Workers supporting our disability clients have training and experience in the area and are qualified with Certificate III in Ageing, Home & Community /Disability.

Daily personal activities

These activities can be provided to you in your home or at another location as appropriate; for instance personal care may be provided at your work place.

How can we help?

Assistance / training or supervision with Personal Care

Assistance / training or supervision with meal preparation

Assistance / training or supervision with shopping

Assistance / training or supervision with cooking

Assistance / training or supervision with cleaning

Travel/Transport arrangements

We can provide transport to enable you to participate in community, social, economic and daily life activities.

How can we help?

Public transport – assistance, supervision and training is provided to enable you to develop your skills to travel and use public transport independently.

Through training and ongoing support if appropriate, we work closely with you to help you increase your ability to live as independently as possible. We can also deliver training to carers in matters related to caring for a person with a disability.

How can we help?

We train skills development and provide supervision and support with (and not limited to)

Daily life activities


Social skills

Tenancy/Accommodation arrangements

Budgeting/money management

Problem solving

Leisure activities

It is important that healthy relationships between the family or carer and person living with disability is maintained and strengthened. The breaks provide positive experience for people with a disability, strengthens and maintains the capacity of families to provide support and care.

How can we help?

In-home assistance for the carer to undertake typical family activities

In-home assistance which gives the carer a break

Out-of-home assistance; individual activities, centre-based or shared living settings, alternative family setting or other flexible respite options

Respite accommodation in time of immediate need

Respite, either in-home or out-of-home for periods 13 hours or over

Accessing experienced community nurses to deliver professional and competent management of your health is extremely important.  You need to feel confident with your nursing care.

My Flex Health community nursing team are highly experienced and have a long and reputable history of caring for our Veteran’s, Disability and Aged clients living at home.  Our nurses each have a high level of expertise and knowledge to respond to your complex needs.

The team values holistic care and tunes in to your personal attributes in conjunction with your physical care needs.  So matter what type of nursing service you require you can be assured each nurse will get to know your individual characteristics and tailor your care in consultation with you.

How can we help?

Medication administration

Blood glucose monitoring and insulin management

Catheter change and care

Wound care – simple and complex

Stoma care

Oxygen, C-PAP and nebuliser administration

Chronic disease management

Advance Care Planning

Skin check and pressure care

Vital signs monitoring

Collecting blood samples

PEG insertion and management

Care of IV and PICC lines

Nutritional advice and education

Health and wellbeing advice

Assessment and management of illness

Referral to Allied Health

Liaison with your GP as required

Our friendly Home Care team are ready and waiting to take your call and will be able to answer any questions that you may have. Call us on (08) 9427 7500 to find out more.

My Flex Health charge NDIS funding recipients up to the price limit in the NDIS Support Catalogue for all supports.

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