My Flex Care Assisted Travel Services

What is Care Assisted Travel?

My Flex Care Assisted Travel Services is a new service making qualified and experienced Nurses and Carers available to escort the Elderly, Young or Infirm travellers on overseas, interstate or rural journeys. Our trusted travel companions include Registered Nurses and experienced Carers who will assist the traveller from the beginning of the trip right through to the arrival and hand-over at the destination. They are also available for the duration of the vacation if needed. We offer a diverse range of care assisted travel arrangements to cater for your needs, including hospital and community care transfers and home relocation packages.

Clients find the freedom and flexibility of our service invaluable for local, interstate or overseas assisted travel or transfer such as:

  • Holiday companionship and care
  • Assisted flight travel including transfer, mobility, flight bookings and in-flight assistance, overnight stay and all associated care
  • Full assisted care for transfer from hospital to home
  • GP and local appointment escort
  • Shopping excursion with a support worker
  • Social outings, day trip and special occasion events
Thanks to My Flex Care Assisted Travel Services, Western Australians can now have the confidence that their elderly, young or unwell loved ones can travel without needing to be accompanied by a family member.  For more information or to get a quote please call (08) 9427 7500 or email
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