Supporting someone living with dementia

My Flex Companionship Program – ‘living well with dementia at home’

Living at home with a loved one who has dementia can be challenging and stressful.

Every day there is physical and emotional demand on family carers to maintain increasing care for their loved one while keeping the home environment ‘normal.’

Getting the right support can be difficult; to find the right person to trust who will support you and your loved one in the right way for you both and who is in tune with your loved one as dementia progresses is not easy.  But it is easy for us….

What do we do?

We identify specific characteristics and routines of our client with dementia and build a personalised approach with the right companions

My Flex Home Care developed a Specialised Living at home with Dementia Workshop to deliver the specific training needed for our staff.

We deliver this training to our Support Workers who are passionate about working with cognition impaired clients at home.  We build their knowledge to work alongside dementia clients and to work creatively with them, other than relying on their own experience and initial training.

Our Mentorship Team comprising Nurses and Community Coordinators advise, educate, problem solve and provide one-on-one guidance to our community support workers in the home. We have partnered with Dementia Consultant Michelle Harris-Allsop (Care Partnerships Australia) for her  expertise in our program delivery.

My Flex Companionship social club:

We provide a social environment where older people can take a  break from their home environment, connect with their community and spend some time with new friends socialising! The My Flex Companionship social club is located at 204 Lord Street, Perth every Tuesday and is run by trained and experienced Carers and Nurses so you know you or your loved one is in safe hands.

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My Flex Companionship Program for dementia clients delivers:
  • Productive and happy engagement in daily life – improving quality of life
  • Client-centred approach – working within individual capabilities and preferences
  • One on one holistic care – physical and emotional support
  • Resources and kits to assist with client interaction in the home; finding the fun
  • Outings, social support and interesting activities to experience
  • Support and knowledge sharing with family carers
  • One on one education and mentorship for Dementia Companions in the home environment

Call 9427 7500 to book your place in our next My Flex Companionship social club or for a discussion on your situation

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