Flex Health Group heads to Malaysia

The Healthcare industry is growing on a global scale. In Asia, many countries are experiencing rapid population growth and facing a rising demand for quality healthcare services.

Flex Health Group recently ventured into the Asian Market, bringing their expertise and experience to a developing Healthcare industry in Malaysia.

Last week (June 19th 2013) saw the launch of ‘My Flex Health Group’, our latest business venture into Malaysia. Offering a similar business model to Flex Health Group in Australia, with some innovative new elements, our fantastic Malaysia team have done a great job establishing a Flex presence in a growing market.

The Directors of Flex Health Group discovered a need for aged healthcare services in Malaysia when, as respected leaders in their field, they were asked to participate in the Healthcare Seniors Living (Aged Care) Lab organised by the Malaysian government.

My Flex Health has four main divisions, the Nurse Bureau, which supplies qualified registered nurses and support staff to healthcare facilities; Training, which helps expand the scope of nurses skills for aged care; Home Care, which offers various packages to suit the home-care needs of clients; and the Network, a platform to provide information and support to caregivers.

Flex Health Group CEO Paul Rowell said:

“The response has been fantastic. There is a great need for this type of service in Malaysia”

For more information on My Flex Health Group, visit their website at www.myflexhealth.com 

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