IELTS Target 7 - Online Course

Do you need to take IELTS? Do you wish to save time and money by studying 100% online with professional English teachers? If so, you should join our IELTS Target 7 course!


Getting the score you need on IELTS can be the difference between a lifetime of opportunities and ongoing challenges. This is because IELTS is the gateway to academic entry to the world’s best universities, as well as opening up migration possibilities.

At My Flex Training, we take the responsibility of serving our students very seriously. We know the challenges faced by people who have English as an additional language. This is why we have spent a huge amount of time and effort to develop the best possible IELTS course.

Following feedback from test takers, we have made this course 100% online so that it can be accessed 24/7 via computer, tablet and mobile phone.If you need to take IELTS, we are on a mission to help you succeed!

  • The IELTS Target 7 course includes:
  • Six-month access to the online course ‘IELTS Target 7’ with comprehensive strategies and language skills for both Academic and General IELTS training
  • 21 modules of content including video lectures, teacher zone Q&A forum, self-marking quizzes, practice language activities & practice IELTS tests.
  • 20-minute coaching call with professional language teacher
  • Online tutor answering live Q&A every Tuesday from 6 – 8pm Perth time
  • Personalised feedback on 2 x task + 1 writing and 2 x task + 2 writing practice tests
  • Personalised feedback on 2 x IELTS Speaking tests
  • Access to a private Facebook group community for interaction with other members
  • Free copy of the IELTS Preparation Checklist
  • Grammar guide
  • Time management study planner
Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons are in the course?

There are close to 120 lessons in this course, organised into 21 modules. That’s a huge amount of content that should give you everything you need for IELTS success.

How does the online training work?

When you join the course, you will have access to the online portal that includes all the modules, videos, quizzes, audio files and practice tests. It will all display perfectly on your phone, your tablet or computer.

Does your course have any feedback offered by the online teacher?

Yes. Our online teachers will give each student feedback on 4 Writing Tasks (2 x Task 1 and 2 x Task 2 essays) as well as 2 Speaking tests.

Is your teacher a professional English language instructor?

Absolutely. All our teachers are native speaking instructors with professional qualifications. They have many years’ experience in teaching English as an additional language.

I need to mostly work on my writing. Do you have enough resources to help?

Yes, we have writing templates that you can download that show you the exact format of what to write. We also provide a huge number of videos that step you through every part of the writing process. This includes analysing the question, planning your main points, creating a structure for your introduction and knowing what to write in each of your body paragraphs.

How does the speaking feedback work?

It’s easy. You should record your answers to a speaking test and send the recording to our teacher for feedback.

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