Getting Started

We are dedicated to providing quality, outcome-focused training for all our students. We employ professional trainers and assessors that are highly qualified in their field with a  wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Our trainers have a specialised interest in education and a passion for helping our students achieve their career goals.

My Flex Training offer a variety of courses, from short refresher courses for those looking to learn something new or update their existing skills, to Nationally Recognised Training Certificate III providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to start a new career.

Certificate Courses

Our certificate courses are open to all, whether you are new to healthcare or if you are already working in the industry and simply want to formalise your experience into a nationally recognised qualification through our recognition of prior learning (RPL) process. To enrol complete an online enrolment form or contact us on 94277518 to arrange an appointment with a trainer.

Short Courses

My Flex Training offer online enrolment at
Alternatively, you can call us on 94277518 to make a booking over the phone.


Our Clinical Education Coordinator is here to answer any questions you may have and offer proposals depending on your individual needs. Contact us on 94277518 or complete an online enquiry below if you would like someone to call you with more information.

Enrolling in a certificate course with My Flex Training will enable you to attain a nationally recognised qualification in aged care. We understand the job you do and the skills, knowledge and behaviours that the healthcare sector is looking for. With our student centred approach and inside industry knowledge, we take into account your previous experience and training and ascertain what you need to learn next.

The training provided by My Flex Training is nationally recognised and meets industry and vocational training competency standards, and will give you the capabilities required for working in the healthcare sector or prepare you for further study.

Enrolment Process

Application through My Flex Training requires that:

  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to apply.
  • You must reside in Western Australia.
  • You must read the relevant course information and the Student Handbook.
  • You must complete a Course Enrolment form.

We will confirm receipt of your Enrolment Form by phone or in writing.

It is recommended that you call My Flex Training to discuss your individual course requirements prior to submitting your application. This process helps to ensure the course will meet your needs and the desired outcomes are achieved.

Once your enrolment has been accepted and confirmed, My Flex Training will contact you and arrange a pre-course meeting.

Duration: Following Australian Qualifications Framework guidelines, My Flex Training students can take up to approximately 1200 hours to complete a qualification. This is based on the time required by someone who does not hold any of the competencies identified in the relevant units of competency. Additionally, you must complete at least 120 hours of work to obtain your certificate.

Traineeship, Priority Industry Training (PIT) and Other Government Funded Programs

To be eligible for Government funded training, you must meet the criteria set by the Western Australian Department of Training and Workforce Development or the relevant Government department. Please see for details.

My Flex Training can facilitate traineeship programs through My Flex Health International or your current employer.

Please contact us for more information about these programs on 94277518.

Your Unique Student Identifier (USI)

What is a USI?
The USI is a reference number that creates a secure online record of your recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia, from all training providers you undertake recognised training.

  • gives you access to your training records and transcripts
  • can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere
  • is free and easy to create
  • stays with you for life

A USI is made up of ten numbers and letters and will look something like this: 7GF85JL3D4

Who needs a USI and why?
If you are a new or continuing student undertaking nationally recognised training, you need a USI in order to receive your qualification or statement of attainment. If you don’t have a USI you will not receive your qualification or statement of attainment.

Your USI will give you access to an online record of the training you have done since 1 January 2015. You will also be able to produce a comprehensive transcript of your training. This can be used when applying for a job, seeking a credit transfer or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training.

If you are an international student studying offshore and do not intend on coming to Australia to do your study you do not need a USI.

The USI is available online and at no cost to you. For more information, go to the following link:

Alternatively, we can help you apply or apply on your behalf.

Entry Criteria
All students who enrol in an My Flex Training course need to be able to read, comprehend, discuss and write simple statements in English.

An My Flex Training Trainer and Assessor will spend approximately 1-2 hours talking to you about your work experience, previous life experience, training and general interests. They will also give you an overview of the course you wish to enrol in and answer any questions you may have.

From the pre-course meeting and your enrolment application, your My Flex Training Trainer and Assessor will be able to identify your existing skills and knowledge and develop an individual learning plan for you based on your specific needs. Your plan will list the workshops you need to attend and the assessments you are required to complete.

Your My Flex Training Trainer and Assessor will visit you regularly during your work placement to see you demonstrate the new competencies you have acquired from the course. They will discuss your learning journey and receive feedback about your progress from your manager/supervisor. This feedback will add to the evidence collected and confirm the information gathered by the My Flex Training Trainer and Assessor.

If you are deemed competent in all the required units My Flex Training will complete the necessary paperwork and arrange for your qualification to be issued.

For more information please see our comprehensive student handbook.

Workplace based learning is a vital component of My Flex Training certificate courses and gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in a healthcare industry setting.

If you are not already employed in the healthcare sector, My Flex Health International, our parent company, is happy to assist My Flex Training students with possible traineeship program/employment opportunities in one of its business units or with one of our partner providers.

My Flex Health International has been serving the community for over two decades. This enables My Flex Training to offer work placements and possible employment opportunities in our own organisation. This makes us very different from most training providers in Australia.

Work placement is a compulsory and invaluable component of your course, where you will be coached/mentored on the job by professionals. You will be allocated to a workplace that is designed to relate to the current training program you are undertaking. You are expected to attend on days that have been designated to you and record the hours that you have been present at placement. This will be checked weekly by your trainer and reported back to My Flex Training.

For more information regarding work placement with My Flex Health International, please contact My Flex Training on 9427 7518.

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