Professional development is an essential part of the ever changing healthcare sector, and our industry standard short courses offer an excellent opportunity to develop and enhance your skills, knowledge and behaviour and ensure you have the capabilities required for the industry.

My Flex Training offer a wide range of customisable courses which can be delivered in many different ways depending on the individual or organisation (e.g. online, face-to-face classroom, on the job). Whichever way you choose to study, you can be guaranteed, that our workshops will give you current and relevant skills that transfer directly to the workplace.

Our passionate trainers, who all have many years of experience in the health and aged care industry, understand the practical needs of individual care workers as well as the organisational development and compliance needs of employers.

Bowel Care:

The Bowel Care program provides healthcare workers with the knowledge and skills to support clients with their bowel elimination needs. The course covers anatomy and physiology, facilitating healthy bowels, common bowel diseases and constipation, normal bowel function, medications, reporting and charting, privacy and dignity. Click here to book!

Catheter Awareness:

The Catheter Awareness workshop is designed specifically for healthcare workers seeking knowledge and skills in supporting clients with urinary catheters and their elimination needs. The course covers anatomy and physiology, urinary retention. Common surgical procedures, TOV’s, normal and atypical urinary system function, reporting and charting, long term catheter care of both in-dwelling urinary catheters and suprapubic catheters. Click here to book!

Chemical Safety:

The My Flex Training Chemical Safety training is offered to healthcare workers who are required to handle hazardous substances as part of their work roles. We aim to provide all participants with the essential skills and knowledge to understand their importance in creating and maintaining a safe workplace following current legislation and WHS standards. Click here to book!

Medication Administration:

This non-accredited workshop is designed for support workers in both the residential aged care and home care industry and is also open to members of the general public that would like to increase their knowledge regarding the use of medications. This workshop covers the use of blister packs, and some non-packed medications (puffers, nebulisers, topical medications, sublingual, patches and more). This course is designed to safely administer or prompt a care recipient with their medications and understand the responsibilities if there is an adverse drug reaction. Please note: a Certificate of Participation will be awarded, not a Certificate of Competency. Click here to book!

Demystifying Dementia:

This workshop is suitable for people currently working in aged care, acute healthcare facilities and community services who regularly provide assistance to people living with dementia. This workshop focuses on using a person-centred approach and effective communication, the nature of dementia and its impacts, changed behaviours and effective responses, activities to promote well-being, workplace issues, common medication and non-pharmacological therapies and care planning. Click here to book!

Adult Dysphagia:

The Adult Dysphagia workshop is aimed at healthcare workers that provide treatment or support to individuals with drinking, eating and swallowing disorders. This is a mixed practical and theory based workshop that gives participants the skills and knowledge in identifying dysphagia, common therapies, the referral process, care planning and evaluation, weight management and modified diets. Click here to book!

Epilepsy Seizure Management:

The Epilepsy Seizure Management workshop is aimed at healthcare workers who require an understanding of epilepsy and seizures. The workshop gives the participants the skills and knowledge to assist in the event of a seizure (including different types), initial and long term interventions and treatments, management of prolonged seizures, adhering to and creating an epilepsy care plan, Midazolam intervention, documentation and reporting methods. Click here to book!

Falls Prevention:

This best practice and industry standard Falls Prevention workshop is designed to train healthcare workers in falls prevention in older adults. The goal of this workshop is to introduce evidence for prevention, post fall medical care including balance, post-acute event considerations, visual disturbances, mobility deficits, environmental falls factors and secondary falls prevention strategies. Click here to book!

Food Safety:

My Flex Training’s Food Safety workshop is a foundation course for workers starting out in the healthcare industry, needing to prepare and handle food safely. This workshop can be delivered in person or online. Click here to book!

Infection Control:

My Flex Training’s Infection Control workshop is a comprehensive half day practical and theory based course that aims at providing participants with the fundamentals of infection control and disease prevention. This best practise workshop is industry standard and suitable for all healthcare workers. Click here to book!

Neurological Observations:

The Neurological Observations workshop requires a Cert III in health as a prerequisite. This workshop focuses on giving the participants the knowledge and skills in taking and interpreting neurological observations in both an acute and subacute environment. The workshop is a mixed practical and theory based course with a strong focus on acute neurological events. Click here to book!


The Observations workshop requires a Cert III in health as a prerequisite. This workshop focuses on giving the participants the knowledge and skills in taking and interpreting basic medical observations in both an acute and subacute environment. The workshop is a mixed practical and theory based course. Click here to book!

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Management:

This workshop is designed specifically for healthcare workers supporting clients who have a PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy) tube and require feeding and medication delivery via the tube. This workshop develops the knowledge and skills of the participant required to care and support a client with feeding, long term care and management of the PEG, indications and familiarity with pumps and other methods of feeding. Click here to book!

Personal Care:

This workshop teaches the participant to determine and respond to an individual’s physical support needs and to support their activities of daily living. This workshop applies to healthcare workers who are expected to provide support to people according to an established individualised plan in any healthcare context. This is a very practical based course that focuses heavily on a person’s right for dignity, privacy and respect in regards to their personal care. Click here to book!

Bladder Scanning with Ultrasound:

This workshop is offered to Enrolled and Registered Nurses wishing to update or refresh their skills in bladder scanning using ultrasound. This course gives the participants knowledge and skill in best practice, policies and procedures regarding ultrasound bladder scanning and TOV, documentation and recording, bladder disease and indications for catheterisation, caring for IDC’s and SPC’s, infection control and long term care planning. Click here to book!


This is an interactive half day workshop for health workers caring for people with diabetes in a variety of residential and support settings. The course discusses diabetes in all its forms and how it is managed, nutrition, food choices for people with diabetes in residential care, blood glucose monitoring, managing hypo/hyperglycaemia, wound care and complications of diabetes. Click here to book!

Enteral Tubes:

This workshop is for Enrolled and Registered Nurses who are seeking the skills and knowledge of best practice standards in managing enteral tubes in long term, subacute settings. This workshop covers the fundamental practices in enteral tube management, evaluation, monitoring and efficacy, infection control, port/stoma care and dressings, nutrition, medication delivery and ethical considerations. Click here to book!

Palliative Care:

My Flex Training’s Palliative Care course has been developed in accordance with best practice guidelines to help participants meet the needs of people and their families as they approach end of life in a residential aged care setting.

The full day course assists Enrolled and Registered nurses build screening and assessment skills, develop confidence in having end-of-life conversations, invest in self-care, extend knowledge of assessment, treatment, managing pain and end-of-life discomfort, and in developing skills recognising and managing the deteriorating client. Click here to book!

Urine Analysis:

My Flex Training’s Urine Analysis workshop is designed to provide nurses and other healthcare professionals with information about urinalysis. The workshop teaches the purpose of the test, ascertaining a ‘clean catch’, interpreting normal and abnormal values, interpretation of results, nursing diagnoses and action plans associated with abnormal urinalysis and outline nursing interventions. Click here to book!

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